The S.O.S. Gamers Mission

S.O.S. Gamers is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to bridging the gap in technology and information for lower income residents living in New York City. This is accomplished through the use of technology & media initiatives ranging from educational technology wish-lists to developing responsive web sites, mobile apps and video games for the social good.

Unity Through Technology

While 91.7% of the wealthiest households in the city (over $100,000/year household income) have adopted current technology in their homes, only 36.7% of the lowest- income households (under $25,000/year household income) have up-to- date computing equipment.

S.O.S. Gamers' objective is to close that gap. Our goal is to provide families in NYCHA and Section 8 households with educational technology. By exposing kids to current technology, we can not only raise their technical familiarity to that of other families--we can also introduce learning software and tutorial apps into children's extracurricular activities to help them perform better in the classroom.

Supplying NYC Youth with Educational Tech

S.O.S. Gamers fulfills technology wish lists for underprivileged public schools and community centers in the NY Metro/NJ/CT Tristate area. These wish lists include educational items such as computers, calculators, etc., as well as recreational items such as video game consoles and games. These items help instructors to perform their duties with greater ease & efficiency. They also provide students with the tools they need to enjoy improved success in their academic pursuits as well as increase the enjoyment of recreational activities.

At S.O.S. Gamers, we refuse to leave our neighbors behind.

The best part of raising a family in the NYC-Metro area is having access to a diverse range of opportunities and experiences. Although many of these come in the form of low/no cost programs, services and events, access to the information is usually a barrier for a large population of New Yorkers who don't have the disposable time/income to find and filter everything.

Our solution to this information gap involves the development of civic applications and digital media content for the public's benefit. This content includes mobile apps for residents and organizations as well as digital resources for underserved residents in New York City.  We believe that technology and information should be available to all who to wish to improve their quality of life, not just those privileged enough to afford it.

In-House Development

S.O.S. Gamers' staff has a combination of technical skills and a passion for games that enables us to partner with other nonprofits as well as social service agencies to develop free-to-play HTML 5 and mobile app video game content. These games are meant to entertain as a means of education, and cover various topics ranging from disaster preparation to job training.

Game Jams

Periodically, we'll try to harness the collective talents and creativity of writers, developers and designers to create free-to-play games for the public's benefit.

These "hack-a-thon" style game jams are meant to not only build more interactive content for social good; they also help introduce an expanding demographic of creative professionals to how rewarding volunteerism can be.

Gaming Events

Since our formation in 2010, S.O.S. Gamers has always been committed to encouraging the use of interactive electronic media to facilitate volunteer and community service activities. Our gaming events include video game rehabilitation days in nursing homes and medical facilities; after school recreational gaming sessions; and family gaming days with local city agencies. We realized that by people coming together to enjoy playing games and teaching others to play, we are building a sense of camaraderie amongst all involved.